How Traditional Ibogaine Treatment Facilities are Terrifyingly Off-Base with Methadone Use

Ibogaine treatment was never supposed to be easy and relaxed, so why are so many Ibogaine treatment facilities treating it as such? There may be a political answer to this or an answer related to money. It is cost-effective to use outdated models of treatment that are easier to manage and watch over. The insurance is less. Unfortunately, it isn’t effective. At worst, these methods are terrifyingly frustrating. What are they doing wrong?

Replacing One Drug for Another

To get patients off drugs, many traditional facilities offer patients Methadone and boosters. Methadone is capable of being just another vicious drug. Why would a clinic give a drug abuser more drugs for them to potentially abuse? It is a system of replacing one drug for another. Ibogaine has no addictive qualities. Methadone is the only answer may clinics have. They use Ibogaine only after a steady medication of Methadone, but the two work against each other.

Long-Term Natural Answers

The clinic here at The Holistic Sanctuary places an emphasis on long-term treatment and healing. Many facilities use all their energy to just treat withdrawals. They treat withdrawals with, unsurprisingly, a lot of drugs. Ibogaine is more than capable of diminishing withdrawals if used in the right capacity. Further, it is a natural compound extracted from plants. Man-made medical drugs are anything but, and they force patients to get caught up in just another drug they need to take for the rest of their lives.

Visit for more on real results for therapy and healing. The clinic has never been moved. The clinic has never seen a death or been closed due to a dramatic incident or a legal tie. The team screens staff members deeply and seeks to not just act as a temporary remedy. The journey will not be easy, but it will be one that has the real everlasting ability to provide results that can change lives. It isn’t a holistic adventure camp for people looking to explore a new concept they find intriguing. This is a serious-minded therapy treatment center for Los Angeles, CA, and the incredible stories that come from here speak for themselves.