I Had a Sharp Pain in My Shoulder

I was extremely overweight most of my adult life. I decided to finally make some changes, and I went on a very strict diet and exercise program. I bought a stationary bike, and I was so ashamed when I could only ride half a mile that first day. It was not long before I was going five miles a day though, and the pounds started to come off because of my strict regime. After I lost over 100 pounds, I decided to look at Peoria chiropractors on my computer because I was having a problem when exercising, and I felt that a chiropractor would probably be the one who would be able to help me out the most with it.

I thought that it was just because I was so out of shape and that my body was changing. However, even after losing 100 pounds, I still had a pain in my right shoulder when I would exercise. I still mostly did my stationary bike throughout the week, but I was now up to 15 miles a day on it. I found myself leaning my head towards my right shoulder because it would hurt about midway through my hour of exercise.

I had no idea why the pain was there, and it was problematic enough that I wanted answers. Going to a chiropractor ended up helping me so much. I still had 50 pounds to lose, and the chiropractor was able to help me not only with my shoulder but with some weight loss help too. I had an adjustment done on my back that day, and I did feel different after it. I ended up going back twice a week for the next couple of months, because it did wonders for me overall. I was able to start losing weight quicker again, as I had slowed down to only losing around three pounds a month at that point. I also no longer have that shoulder pain!