Pay Stub Documentation is Very Important

I needed to find paystub generator software, but I did not want anything that was going to cost me a small fortune. I also did not want anything that was going to be hard to use. I can do a lot of things on a computer, but most of them require very little skill. That is what I wanted in the software that would help me to prepare pay stubs for a small group of people who work for me on a regular basis. Even though I don’t pay their taxes, I still wanted to have a good record of what was going out.

I sell all kinds of things at a farmer’s market here in town twice a week. Not only do I sell fruits and vegetables, but I also sell baked goods. My fudge has won state awards before, so I am usually pretty swamped both days at the market. I have a couple of women who help me on these two days, plus I have a few people who help me throughout the week at the farm too. Since there are not a lot of hours involved, I don’t have regular employees.

The people who work for me work under a contractor’s basis, and they know that they must pay their own taxes. It would be too confusing for me to just write checks out with no additional documentation. It would also be very easy for someone to say that I did not pay them what they were owed. This way, I just have to spend about ten minutes making all the pay stubs, and I verify with each worker that it is correct before I give them their check. It has helped me out tremendously, and I know that they appreciate having this documented this way as well.