Tips From MonsterCloud to Boost Network Security

Having a robust security plan in place is vital to any business these days. The data used by businesses to analyze market trends and predict the best strategy to adopt has to be secured, or there’s no telling how the company could be compromised. Having a security plan in place isn’t the only way to prevent virus infections and hacker attacks. There are some basic behaviors that can help businesses secure their network.

Many employees take a little time out of their work day to pursue personal entertainment. Going on facebook or playing games isn’t unusual and frankly, it’s almost impossible to stop this behavior. The firewall installed in the company’s system might not allow access to these kinds of sites. Employees need to understand that disabling the firewall isn’t acceptable. They need to know that disabling the firewall or antivirus software puts the entire company at risk.

It’s not unusual for an employee to take their work home. Using a flash drive to transport files is probably the most common way to do this. These employees need to be aware that plugging that drive into a home computer could be allowing viruses to piggyback on the drive. Once the drive is plugged into the company’s system again, the virus can install itself. Employees should either be provided with secure drives to transfer files or completely discouraged from taking files home at all.

Cloud computing solutions have made it possible to access the company’s system from anywhere. Even thought the antivirus software in the company’s computer may be up to date and working perfectly, that doesn’t mean the devices that access the system are protected. Employees need to be made aware that they have to be careful about what devices they use to access the system. Service providers such as MonsterCloud can provide tools that restrict access to only trusted devices.

The biggest risk to a company’s system are physical connections. It’s important to check network ports and other connections to make sure there are no unknown devices attached. Employees should be taught to check for connections and be sure there are no foreign devices installed or attached. By combining these habits and a few others, company owner and leaders can be sure each employee is working hard to keep the entire system safe from viruses and hacker attacks.